Boyfriend Jeans For Women


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Boyfriend Jeans For Women

Boyfriend Jeans For Women have changed slightly since they first became trendy several years ago. What started out as very over sized and baggy jeans that were meant to be rolled up at the bottoms to enhance their disheveled appearance have evolved into a catch all category full of loose fitting jeans. There are even skinny jeans that fit the definition of boyfriend jeans, simply because they are not as tight as traditional skinny jeans. This may sound confusing, and yes, it really is, because just about any type of jeans can be made into boyfriend jeans. The main difference that keeps them apart is the rise (the measurement between the crotch and top of the waist.) Boyfriend jeans are available with two different rises: “mid rise”, which usually consists of between 8 or 9 inches, and “natural waist” which ranges anywhere from 9 or more, and sits where your natural waist begins.

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The best thing about boyfriend jeans is the fact that they can be worn by every woman, no matter the size or age. Plus size women should find a pair of dark wash boyfriend jeans with legs that end in either a boot cut or flared bottom. This is elongate the body and make it appear in proportion. Short women need to avoid the cropped styles of these jeans, since they will make them appear shorter, but with the wide variety of boyfriend jeans available, they should have no problem at all finding a pair with a short enough inseam.If you are worried about your stomach area, choose a pair of jeans with minimizing panels. There are several brands that make boyfriend jeans for this very purpose, the most popular being Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

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Boyfriend jeans can be worn with a wide variety of different shoes and tops, but should not be worn with very over sized and baggy tunics or sweaters. Wearing a baggy top with a pair of baggy jeans will throw off your proportions and make you look larger all over — which is never flattering. However, you do not need to wear a tight top with them. Something that gently hugs your curves and is loose enough to be comfortable, yet shows off your natural shape will be enough.

There are many different styles of shoes that can be worn with boyfriend jeans, so pick a pair that best fits your overall outfit. Everything from sneakers to flats to open toed pumps and heeled or wedge sandals will work. However, steer clear of boots that are mid-calf length or higher. They will make your legs look chunky if the jeans are pulled over them, and will look awkward if you attempt to tuck your jeans into them. Stick with ankle boots when wearing boyfriend jeans.
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