Desert Boots For Women


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Desert Boots For Women

Desert Boots For Women are modeled after the boots worn by British soldiers during World War II. These boots were specially designed to be lightweight and sturdy, since they were worn during the Western Desert Campaign. Desert boots, also known as chukka boots and turf boots, have upper sections that are made of either leather or suede, and have a flat – not chunky – soles. They were designed for walking through sand, not climbing treacherous rocky terrain. The original style is ankle length, with two or three holes for the laces, and is loose fitting around the ankle, although many designers of the updated, trendier versions of these boots have changed the styles slightly.

Due to their provenance, Desert boots come in neutral colors like beige, brown, black and gray, although some can be found in other dark neutrals, like green. One thing that you will never find are desert boots in odd shades of red and blue. Because of this, you need to be careful of what you wear your desert boots with. While they pair nicely with khakis and jeans, they will look out of place with more formal and professional styles of clothing, although you can get away with a casual floral dress and even skinny jeans, depending on the overall style and heel height of the boots.

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Black Leather Groundhog Desert Boots


Olive Green Timberland Shoreham Desert Boots


Clarks Wallabee Suede Desert Boots

Leather Desert Boots For Women



Black Leather Dr. Marten Heeled Desert Boots

Leather Desert Boots For Women mainly come in black and shades of brown. If you work in a less formal environment and can get away with wearing khaki or corduroy pants every day, a pair of these leather desert boots will give you more footwear options. They pair nicely with a v-neck or cowl neck knit sweater, as long as it is not embellished or overly fancy. Think “preppy” when choosing which sweater and pants to wear with these boots. A pair of jeans will also work with this outfit, turning your leather desert boots into comfortable footwear to run errands in.

Depending on the overall style and brand of the leather desert boots that you are looking for, you will be able to find a pair for as little as $60, although most are priced higher than that, since good quality leather is expensive.


Suede Desert Boots For Women


MIA Limited Edition Suede Desert Boots

You have more color options to choose from when searching for that perfect pair of Suede Desert Boots For Women. These boots come in many shades of gray, brown, beige and even dark green. Suede desert boots, especially those with flat bottoms, work well with casual clothing, like dark, boot cut or even skinny jeans. Be careful that the length of the pants does not overpower the flat soled shoes. Another cute outfit idea, inspired by the hippie chic clothing at music festivals like Coachella, consists of a pair of baggy khaki shorts that hit mid thigh or higher and a floral pattern blouse or 1960′s era flowy top. Wearing a pair of suede desert boots with this outfit completes the casual hippie-ish vibe of the rest of the outfit.


Wedge Desert Boots


Kelsi Dagger Leather Wedge Desert Boots


You can get creative with your outfit when wearing a pair of Wedge Desert Boots. The wedge gives them a slightly more fancy, yet old fashioned vibe. Try pairing your wedge desert boots with a slightly above the knee or mid thigh length casual style floral dress, in order to give your outfit both a prairie and a country-ish vibe. Think Little House on the Prairie. This look was very big in the early 1990′s, and is coming back into style quickly. Wedge desert boots can also be worn with leggings and a long tank top or colorful sweater. As long as the colors coordinate well between the leggings, the top and boots, then you are set. If possible, try to coordinate the color of the wedge desert boots with any other leather accessories, including handbags or clutches.


Heeled Desert Boots


Clarks Water Row Brown Suede Heeled Desert Boots

Heeled Desert Boots break from tradition by pairing a high heel with a normally flat soled desert boot, but this works out in a good way, since the heel means that these desert boots will work well with skinny jeans and leggings. Treat them as you would a pair of high heeled pumps. This means that an outfit consisting of a longer tunic length top combined with either skinny jeans or leggings, plus some creative jewelry and a handbag works great with these heeled desert boots. Just be careful with the colors that you choose: black leggings should never be worn with brown shoes. Instead, go for jewel colored leggings or dark blue skinny jeans.


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