Flannel Shirts For Women


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Flannel Shirts For Women

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Flannel Shirts For Women is the Grunge Period of the late 1990′s when bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were popular, this does not mean that flannel shirts are out of style. On the contrary, many trends constantly repeat themselves, with the result being that flannel shirts can still be worn stylishly today.

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Flannel is a woven fabric that is made from either wool, cotton, synthetics, or some combination of them all. Its first known use was in 16th Century Wales, and its name is derived from both the French (flanelle) and German (flanell) languages. Although flannel shirts for women are popular these days, the fabric was first worn by men, who sported it as pants. Other variations of the fabric, which comes in both single and double napped forms, include shirts, blankets, sheets and pajamas. Also, flannel shirts are a traditional Western United States look, and are the shirt of choice of cowboys, thanks to its durability.

The durability of flannel shirts doesn’t detract in any way from its trendiness. There are many different styles of flannel shirts for women, most of which are cut differently than those for men, ensuring that women’s curves are enhanced by the shirt, not hidden under baggy fabric. In order to look your best in a flannel shirt, you need to look for ones that fit more snugly. Although you can wear loose fitting flannel shirts, as long as the rest of the look is not baggy.

 Western Flannel Shirts


Western Flannel Shirts

While Western Flannel Shirts can be worn while attending rodeo’s, carnivals or county fairs, they can also be worn every day and are an excellent staple item to have in your wardrobe. In order to pull off a flannel shirt, the trick is to not make it look like a costume. Unless that’s your goal, and you are dressing up as a Western Cowgirl for Halloween, do your best to avoid this costumey look of denim skirts, cowgirl boots, wide-brimmed hats and bolero necklaces.

Instead, style your Western flannel shirt in a more fashion forward way. An oversized (as in “mid-thigh length or longer”) flannel shirt can be worn over leggings or skinny jeans. You can complete this look with ankle boots (not Cowboy or Cowgirl boots), a Hobo style shoulder bag, and dangling gold or silver pendant necklaces. If you wear a tank top or camisole underneath the flannel shirt, the shirt can be left unbuttoned, allowing the tank or camisole to be fully revealed. Or, you can leave the flannel shirt buttoned and belt it around your waist with a leather or metal belt to feminize the look.

Plaid Flannel Shirts For Women


Plaid Flannel Shirts For Women - Royal Robbins Women's Vintage Plaid Shirt

There are ways to wear Plaid Flannel Shirts For Women that will not make you look frumpy or like you are wearing an Old West costume. The main way to keep this from happening is by buying a plaid flannel shirt with the right fit.

When looking for a plaid flannel shirt, pick several different styles, brands and sizes off of the rack to try on. There are two extremes to look for in flannel shirts. The first is described above: purposely oversized and baggy. The second is slim fitting and cropped. To find one that fits this second category, look for a plaid flannel shirt that falls one to two inches below the waist band of your pants. The shirt should have darts in either side that conform to your shape, thereby enhancing the curves of your waist and keeping the shirt from looking boxy. While you do not need a flannel shirt that is skin tight to pull off this look, the shirt should fit snugly.

Once you have found the perfect cropped, slim fitting flannel shirt, style it with straight leg or boot cut jeans, basic plain colored flats and the jewelry of your choice. You can also wear it with a non-denim skirt and a pair of high heeled shoes, or sneakers and loose fitting boy jeans. It is all about proportions: when the shirt is oversized, your pants need to be slim fitting; when your flannel shirt is slim fitting, your pants or skirts need to be baggy.

Cute Flannel Shirts


Cute Flannel Shirts

Cute Flannel Shirts can be found in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. There are flannel shirts for plus size women and those who need petite sizes, but most fall into the “standard” sizing category. And, although the traditional pattern of choice for flannel shirts is plaid, they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including houndstooth, checkerboard and stripes. You can even go with a flannel shirt in a red, brown, green or blue plaid (all considered traditional Western style colors) or one that combines neon colors or black and white. With all of these different options, you will have no problem at all finding a flannel shirt that fits your personal style.

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