Jeans For Women


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Jeans For Women

Jeans For Women are made out of a strong cotton fabric that is known as denim. Denim fabric was first made in Genoa, Italy, and was intended to be used for sails on ships. However, due to its sturdiness, it was also used to make clothes, especially pants. Jeans as we know then today, with the metal rivet reinforcements on the tops of the front pockets, were invented by Levi Strauss back in the 1850′s. They were designed for men who worked in mines. It wasn’t until the mid twentieth century that jeans for women became available.

These days, there are many different styles of jeans available for women to choose from. Just a few of them include skinny, boot cut, flare, trouser, boyfriend, cropped, designer, wide leg, high rise, low rise, mid rise… you could wear a different type of jeans every day of the week. But, which ones are the most flattering for your silhouette? In order to find the best jeans, you first have to consider your body type.

Best Jeans For Curvy Women

The best jeans for curvy women have traditional (not patch) front pockets. Mid-rise and high rise (the measurement between the crotch and top of the waist on a pair of jeans) styles will look best, especially if you have a curvy rear end. Low rise styles will gap too much in the back, which is never flattering.

Look for jeans that are made from a combination of Lycra or spandex and denim. The stretch will have more give than traditional stiff denim, and will allow for a better fit. Avoid jeans that have any kind of built in whiskering or other wear patterns on the thighs, since they will make your thighs look bigger. It is recommended that you stick to boot cut or flare leg jeans, since their larger legs will balance out bigger thighs, but if you insist on wearing skinny jeans, find a pair that is designed specifically for curvy women.

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Best Jeans For Tall Women

Tall women are lucky in some ways. They can pull off almost any style of jeans — as long as the inseam is the right length. Cropped jeans will make a tall woman look shorter, so they can be used to give the illusion of having less height. However, if you are looking for jeans that will make it the full length of your legs, look for those with a 35 or 37 inch inseam.The bottom of the legs should fall past your ankles and go over the top of the foot.

The best jeans for tall women are boot cut, flare leg, skinny and straight leg jeans. Yes, that encompasses almost all of the basic styles. You can even pull off vintage style high rise bell bottoms, and trouser style jeans are infinitely flattering on you.

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Best Jeans For Short Women

The best jeans for short women are either skinny, straight leg, boot cut or flare leg. Avoid bell bottoms, cropped or Capri style jeans (they will cut the leg short and make you look smaller) and those that cuff at the bottom. If you cannot find a pair with a short enough inseam (those with inseams between 25 and 32 inches are readily available), or if you find a pair that fits you perfectly everywhere, except for the leg length, have them professionally hemmed. A good tailor can remove the very bottom of the leg, shorten the jeans, and then sew the bottom seam back to make it look as those they have never been altered.

Petite women need to stick to jeans in darker colors. Black, dark blue, or if you want colored jeans, deep burgundy or green will give you the illusion of having longer legs, making you look taller. Look for jeans that are mid-rise, or those with a rise that hits just below your natural waist. Low rise jeans and extremely high rise jeans will make you look shorter.

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Best Jeans For Older Women

The best jeans for older women are classic styles that remain trendy year after year. Look for dark blue denim in boot cut or straight leg styles. Skinny jeans, flare leg jeans and bell bottoms, should not be worn by women over the age of 40. You can never go wrong with a pair of dark blue trouser jeans, and if you want to wear colored jeans, stick with those that are blue, black or white. Leave the trendy bright and pastel colored jeans to the teenagers.

The best fitting  jeans for women over 40 contain a little bit of stretch, and have either a mid or high rise. Just like the brightly colored jeans, low rise jeans should not be worn by older women. If you have a large stomach and want to conceal it, look for higher rise jeans that contains a stretchy slimming panel in that area. Avoid jeans that are overly trendy, such as those with strategically placed tears, fancy washes or whiskered patches.

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Plus Size Jeans For Women

The best plus size jeans for women are those with either a mid or high rise. Low rise jeans should never be worn, as they will hit in an unflattering spot of the body. If you need to minimize your rear end, look for jeans with small back pockets that are placed closely together. You also want to stick to boot cut or flare leg styles, since the wider bottoms will balance out your hips nicely. Steer clear of skinny jeans, as they will make the larger sections of your body look even bigger in comparison to your legs.

Plus size women can also pull of trouser and wide leg style jeans, as long as they are made out of fabric that stretches. Avoid stiff denim, and instead go for jeans made from a blend of Lycra, spandex and cotton. They will have some stretch to them and will be far more comfortable than the other varieties. You will also want to avoid cropped or Capri leg jeans, and need to look for darker colors, for example, deep blues and shades of black. These dark colors will be minimizing.

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