Leather Coats for Women


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Leather Coats for Women

Leather Coats For Women come in many different styles, colors, and sizes.  Different styles flatter different body types, so keep that in mind before you copy the look of your favorite celebrity or fashionable friend.  Show off a toned tummy and slender hips with a cropped leather coat, or hide a large waist and heavy thighs beneath a long black leather coat.  Since there are several popular styles of leather coats for women, you will need to take a look all at them to find the leather coat that works best for you and your figure.

Best Selling Leather Coats For Women on Amazon.com


Bebe Red Leather Motorcycle Coat


Jessie G Fur Collared Leather Coat


Robert Rodriguez Beige Leather Coat

Long Leather Coats


BGSD Long Black Leather Coat

Long Leather Coats are elegant and flattering, but should not be worn if you are on the short side, as they can make you look shorter.  Black, white, and brown are the most common colors, but you can also find them in trendy shades like candy apple red, bright green, and yellow.  Pair a black or brown long leather coat with a nice pair of slacks or jeans for a trendy look that hides most figure flaws.  Colorful jackets look nice over dresses or skirts.  They are appropriate for church, work, and even a night on the town.  Wear a long leather coat if you want to hide large thighs or a heavy midsection.  Petite women may feel a bit overwhelmed by the length of a long coat, so skip this style unless you’re tall.

Plus Size Leather Coats For Women


Roaman's Plus Size Leather Coat With fur Trim

Not every woman is a size zero, and not every woman wants to be.  Embrace your fuller figure in one of the many Plus Size Leather Coats For Women available at on the market.  Choose a plus size leather coat with embellishments such as a ruffle edge to draw attention to your sense of style rather than your expanding waistline.  Funky buttons and a whip stitch design also help put the focus on your jacket rather than your weight.  Being a plus size woman is nothing to be ashamed of, though, so don’t feel like you have to hide behind trendy designs and dark colors.  Flaunt your figure in a cropped black jacket and show the world just how beautiful and confident you really are.

Black Leather Coats


Tilbor Design Black Leather Coat

There’s one thing that never goes out of style, and that is Black Leather Coats.  Women have been wearing these classic coats for more than one hundred years now.  Black coats keep you warm in the winter and dry during a rain storm.  They look great on women of all shapes and sizes, from petite ladies to plus size gals.  Any hair color or skin tone can pull off a basic black coat.  You can buy a black leather coat with or without a hood.  Some have zippers while others have shiny silver buttons or black clasps.  Choose a style lined with fleece or faux fur if you want to be extra warm during the fall or winter months.

Cheap Leather Coats For Women


Cheap Leather Coat by Knoles and Carter

Everybody loves a discount, especially in this economy.  There are plenty of Cheap Leather Coats For Women of all ages and sizes, including trendy teens.  Some cheap leather coats are made of faux leather, also known as “pleather”, but many times it looks just as nice as the real thing.  If you’re looking for a popular yet affordable leather coat, try a motorcycle style coat .  Shoppers rave about the fit and warmth of motorcycle jackets, and you will have no problem finding an affordable one.

Motorcycle jackets don’t fit all body types well, so skip this style if you have love handles or a heavy lower body.  They look best on long and lean women, but short women can also pull of this type of jacket.  Women with a large bust may find it difficult to fit into many of the fitted motorcycle jackets available.  If you are top heavy, consider one of the many other types of leather coats for women.

Leather Trench Coats For Women


BGSD Brown Lambskin Trench Coat

There’s something sleek and sophisticated about Leather Trench Coats For Women.  They have always been popular in big cities, but small town girls are filling their closets with this classy style as well.  Leather trench coats are perfect for hiding the spots you hate and showing off the body parts that you love.  Show off a trim waist by tying your leather trench coat shut with a matching belt.  This can also be done to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.  Choose a jacket that falls above the mid thigh if you are petite.  No matter which color or style you choose, wear it with pride.


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