Leg Warmers For Women


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Leg Warmers For Women

Leg warmers are basically footless socks that are made from wool, thick cotton, polyester, or a blend of various fabrics. Leg Warmers For Women are primarily used by dancers to keep their legs warms before, during and after practices, but have gained popularity among non-dancers as well. After the movie Flashdance came out in the early 1980′s, leg warmers become a popular trend and have barely budged from their post on top of the trendiness scale. To prove this point, recently leg warmers have been spotted on Hollywood celebrities like Milla Jovovich, Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna.

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The best thing about leg warmers for women is their versatility. They can be worn with any number of different outfits, and since there are many styles and colors of leg warmers to choose from, you can be creative and wear ones that contradict, rather than complement your outfit. Unlike other accessories, you want your leg warmers to stand out, since they will separate “fashion forward you” from the “trend eschewing crowd.” On top of their trendiness, leg warmers are also functional — they literally keep your legs warm! This is very handy when you want to wear a dress in the wintertime and worry about freezing.

Wool Leg Warmers For Women


Wool Leg Warmers For Women Three Accent Buttons

Wool Leg Warmers For Women go well with a dress, tights and a pair of cute shoes. The best way to take advantage of the wool leg warmer trend is by wearing a short knee length to mid thigh length A line dress. Choose one in a cute print or a neutral color like black, white, brown or gray (yes, brown and gray can be considered neutrals) and wear it with a pair of dark opaque tights. To complete this look, top the dress with a matching cardigan sweater, a pair of flats in a matching neutral color (if you wear black tights, choose black shoes) and a complementary handbag. Keep your jewelry simple — just a cute silver or gold necklace, and add a brooch or pin to the sweater for an additional pop of color. Then, add your wool leg warmers. Choose a pair in a bold color that matches the dress, but contrasts with your neutral colored shoes and tights. This is a great way to wear a dress in the fall, since your legs will be warm and you’ll be awash in fall colors.

Wool leg warmers for women can also be worn to holiday parties. The best way to pull off this look is to wear a pair that matches your dress. If you can find leg warmers with built in holes near the bottom to slip the heels of your shoes through, so much the better. This way, you can slip them over your shoes, keeping your feet warm as well as your lower legs. You can then either remove the wool leg warmers when you get to the party, or leave them on.

Dance Leg Warmers


Dance Leg Warmers KD Dance

Dance Leg Warmers are designed for dancers to wear in order to keep their legs warm on their to and from dance lessons. In some cases, they can also be worn during the dance class itself, but that all depends on the level of the lesson and the particular instructor. Leg warmers designed for dancers are made from thinner, lighter fabrics, and are usually available in pastel colors and simple black and white. They are lightweight so that you can move freely in them, and won’t have to worry about them inhibiting your movement during certain dance moves and stretches. The color availability is dependent on dance wear itself. Most ballerinas, for example, wear either pastels or black, which is why dance leg warmers come in these colors. Another differentiating characteristic is the length. Some dance leg warmers for women are designed to go all of the way up the leg and over the knee, to a mid-thigh height. This is in order to keep your entire leg warm while wearing a dance leotard.

Neon Leg Warmers


Neon Leg Warmers Bright Stirrup Style

Neon Leg Warmers should be worn with neutral colored outfits. You can pair them with black leggings, a black tunic top, sweater, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and some colorful jewelry. Add a pair of flats, cute sneakers (Converse All Stars or Keds will go better with this look than athletic sneakers, unless you’re actually out jogging, in which case, leave the jewelry at home) and a matching, neutral colored handbag. The trick to pulling off this “running around town completing errands” look is to make the neon leg warmers for women stand out. They should be the focal point of your outfit.

Red Leg Warmers


Red Leg Warmers Solid Color With Pompoms

Red Leg Warmers can be worn year-round. These leg warmers for women look great when paired with skinny jeans and spiky heels. In order to pull this look off acurately, wear a dark blue pair of low rise skinny jeans, black spiky heels, a red or black sweater (make sure that the red matches or is in the same color house as the leg warmers) and a scarf wrapped jauntily around your neck. With the red leg warmers on, you’ll look positively Parisian! And you know how chic French women are, with their leg warmers and all.

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