Linen Pants For Women


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Linen Pants For Women

Linen is a lightweight, yet heavy duty cloth that is used to made sheets and other bedding, plus clothes like shirts and pants. Linen Pants For Women can be both casual and professional, depending on the length, style and overall fit of the garments. However, you need to be careful when wearing linen pants to work, because they tend to wrinkle just from normal wear. If you need to impress a superior or meet with an important client, keep this in mind and try not to sit in one position for very long to prevent wrinkles from occurring.

Linen cloth has been around for centuries. It was manufactured by both the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks, and records have dated it back to 4,000 BCE. It is derived from the fibers of the flax plant, and cloth made linen is characterized by its woven texture. It is a great fabric to wear in the summer, due to the fact that it feels cool to the touch all of the time.  Linen fibers are naturally colored in shade of tan, gray and off white, which is why many linen pants are sold in these colors.

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Wide Leg Linen Pants



Women's wide leg loose fitting linen pants

Wide Leg Linen Pants tend to be on the casual side, but even then, you need to know how to accessorize them properly. You should never wear sneakers of any kind with your linen pants, since they will clash with the fabric of the pants. Instead, you can wear everything from flats to leather sandals in many different styles and heel heights with your wide leg linen pants. When wearing wide leg pants, you need to keep whatever you wear on top slim fitting. Otherwise, between the bagginess of the pants and your top, you will look larger than you really are, and that is quite unflattering. Instead, wear a slim tank top or t-shirt, a properly fitting cardigan sweater, or a snug blouse.

Drawstring Linen Pants For Women



Flared Drawstring Linen Pants For Women

Drawstring Linen Pants For Women are the ultimate in summer casual. These are pants that are easy to slip on, and cinch tight around your waist with a drawstring instead of buttons or a zipper. Since linen is a fabric that actually holds its shape better when wet, these pants can be taken to the beach, and thrown on over a swimsuit as a useful cover up. Drawstring linen pants also go well with t-shirts and tank tops. Since these linen pants are more casual than others, you can get away with wearing a printed graphic T if necessary. You cannot take the casual look too far, however, since sneakers will clash with even these casual linen pants. Instead, wear a cute pair of flats or comfortable leather sandals.

Linen Pants Suits For Women



Asymmetrical Linen Pants Suit

Linen Pants Suits For Women are excellent choice of clothing to wear to the office in the summertime. Their light weight will keep you cool even on the hottest days, especially when you are running to and from work. You do need to be careful, since the linen will wrinkle in areas as you wear it, mostly around the knees, elbows and hips, but, despite this, you will look professional and businesslike. Wear your linen pants suit with closed toe heels, and keep your jewelry professional.

Linen Capri Pants


Prana Linen Capri Pants

Although Linen Capri Pants are considered to be a summertime staple, they can be worn in the spring and fall as well, so long as the weather is warm enough. Pair your linen Capri pants with a nice tunic or blouse. A plain colored t-shirt to tank will work also, but both should be more on the dressy side of casual. Graphic T’s and tanks will look out of place. Complete the outfit with a nice pair of leather sandals (wedges, heels, gladiators, leather flip flops – any style will do) and simple jewelry. This is a great outfit for running errands, or simply relaxing around the house.

Plus Size Linen Pants



Cropped Plus Size Linen Pants

Plus Size Linen Pants are very flattering on larger frames. When shopping for linen pants, look for those that are in solid, dark colors. Wide leg pants are the most flattering silhouette, since they will hide large thighs and calves — and all of the other parts that you want to keep hidden. While they sell slim-fitting linen pants in larger sizes, they will throw off your proportions and will not look right. Before buying a pair of plus size linen pants, try them on and scrutinize yourself carefully in the dressing room mirror. Do a few knee bends or sit down on a bench, as well as bend over at the waist. Your linen pants should not gap at the waist in the back, and should give you enough flexibility to be able to move freely. There is no sense in buying pants that you cannot sit down in.

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