Lockets For Women


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Lockets For Women

Lockets For Women are a special form of pendant that opens up on tiny hinges to reveal a hidden compartment or space for photographs. Although they are usually used to display photographs of loved ones these days, traditionally they were first used centuries ago to hold everything from medications to poisons, and from locks of hair to other talismans. Back before photography was invented, placing a lock of hair inside of a locket was the only way to keep a deceased loved one nearby and with you at all times. Items could also be kept inside the locket to lift curses, remove “the evil eye” and restore good luck.

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Amethyst Accented Silver Locket


1928 Boutique

These days, lockets are popular gifts, and are often given at birthdays, weddings, Christenings and on Valentine’s Day. Some lockets are passed down from generation to generation, while others are bought new and filled with pictures of grandkids or children, then given to the grandmother or mother as a Mother’s Day or Christmas present.

Sterling Silver Lockets


Sterling Silver Locket That Holds 4 Pictures

Sterling Silver Lockets make great gifts and come in many different styles. Although some sterling silver lockets, especially those with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or other precious stones set into them, can be expensive, for the most part, sterling silver lockets cost less than gold ones. This does not in any way mean that sterling silver lockets are not as beautiful or as useful as gold lockets. On the contrary, many of them equal those made of gold. They are also easier to wear, since sterling silver is easier to match than the varying karat weights of gold.

There are many situations in which a sterling silver locket makes a great gift. For example, a silver locket with a gold cross on top of it is an excellent Christening, First Communion or Confirmation gift for a girl. Place pictures of the girl’s parents inside of the locket, and you will have given the child a gift that she can treasure for life. Another great idea is to give a locket as a wedding present. Engrave the locket with the couple’s initials, and place tiny pictures of both the bride and the groom inside of it. Or, you can give a locket to your mother (or the mother of your children) for Mother’s Day. A sterling silver locket with birthstones set into the outside — one for each child — and pictures of the children will be appreciated.

Gold Lockets For Women


Gold Locket For Women Engraved With Hearts

Gold Lockets For Women usually come in 10 or 14 karat gold, but some more expensive versions are made out of 18 karat or 24 karat gold. The difference lies in the quality and purity of the gold that the locket is molded out of, and these pricier versions are often inlaid with semi precious or precious stones. The best way to wear a gold locket is by keeping the rest of your jewelry simple. This allows the locket to take center stage and be the showpiece of your outfit. If you choose to wear other jewelry, make sure that it is also gold, otherwise it will clash with your locket.


Floating Charm Lockets


Heart-Shaped Floating Charm Locket

Floating Charm Lockets are a relatively new necklace trend. Rather than a traditional, enclosed metal locket that you have to open up to see what’s concealed within, a floating charm locket has a plastic see through center, displaying whatever is nestled within the plastic layers all of the time. Additional charms can be bought to put inside the center of these lockets, or you can put anything that you wish within them. For example, you can pour sand from your beach vacation inside, place a few small pictures of your children, nieces, nephews, or even pets in the center section, or even put small metal pendant charms, colorful beads, or semi precious stones in it.

These floating charm lockets come in many shapes and sizes, although hearts and circles are the most popular. Due to the wide variety of items that can be put into the locket, you can use them to memorialize a loved one, remember an important vacation or event, and even show off things that mean a lot to you.  They are like small memory boxes that can be worn around your neck on a chain.

Engraved Lockets


Silver Hand Engraved Locket

Engraved Lockets have designs etched into the outside portion of the locket. These designs can continue around the entire locket, or be confined to only the front side that is displayed to the world. Some engraved lockets come with hearts, flowers, butterflies or cameo heads on them, while others are sold smooth and are designed to have you engrave the initials or design of you choice upon them. Engraved lockets make great gifts because over time, the etching will darken and become more visible. Therefore, the older the piece gets, the better it will look. These types of lockets for women are built to last for decades, or even be passed down through the generations.


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