Overnight Bags For Women


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Overnight Bags For Women

Overnight Bags For Women, also known as weekender bags, are over-sized tote bags that are just large enough to hold a few changes of clothes, a few pairs of shoes, some toiletries, and, for some, a laptop computer, a few books, and other miscellaneous items that are required for a short trip. Exactly what you need for your weekend or night away from home, hence the name “overnight bag.”

There are many different designs and styles of overnight bag, from classic single-colored nylon ones to fancier leather varities. Some are even designed with special pockets to hold gymnastics or dance class gear, and are meant to be carried by young gymnasts and dancers who need changes of clothes and supplies while at meets, rehearsals or shows. Overnight bags are also carried by children and teenagers on sleepovers at friends’ or relatives’ houses, used for short business trips, thrown into the trunks of cars on weekend road trips, and can double as a carry on suitcase for airplane flights.

Editor’s Choice of Overnight Bags For Women on Amazon


Sturdy! Hard Canvas Dome Duffle Bag


Designer Inspired Oversized 'Arizzo' Handbag


Hadaki Cool Duffel Bag


Designer Overnight Bags


Floto Luggage Leather Overnight Bag For Women

Designer Overnight Bags are made of high quality materials and contain thoughtful pockets to hold different items, making them worth more than just the name on the front logo. Some designers who are known for their overnight bags include Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Kenneth Cole, Prada and Vera Bradley. These designer overnight bags cost more than their standard non-branded originals, but the worksmanship and cachet that go along with them can make the purchase worthwhile.

If you want a bag that you can show off to your fellow travelers, or have reached the upper levels of business and need something to show off your status, then designer overnight bags for women are exactly what you need.

Leather Overnight Bags For Women


Leather Overnight Bag - Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle

Leather Overnight Bags For Women are great for business trips. The leather material that they are made out of is classy enough to carry to the office along with your briefcase, and often, you can buy matching ones made by the same manufacturer. When packing your leather overnight bag for a business trip, try to pack only the essentials. If you know that you’ll need two changes of work clothes, along with something dressy for a fancy dinner or lunch with clients, pack only those items. You do not want to be known as someone who is high maintenance, or the person who took half of their wardrobe with them for a overnight business trip.

Leather overnight bags can also be used as bookbags for college students, especially those who commute to campus and need to carry a lot of books and supplies along with them. To ease up on the heavy load carried by these bags, and to prevent hurting your back or shoulders, look for ones with long straps that can be carried cross-body style. This makes them much easier to carry than overnight bags for women that must be handled with one hand or slipped over a single shoulder.

Cheap Overnight Bags For Women


Belvah Quilted Cheap Overnight Bag For Women

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a bag, look for Cheap Overnight Bags For Women. While some of the designer styles or leather overnight bags will cost anywhere from one hundred to several hundred dollars, a less expensive, yet still useful bag can be bought for less than fifty dollars. When choosing a cheap overnight bag, scrutinize the inside of it. The bag should be lined in a rip proof nylon or some other sturdy fabric. Those with stiff or too loose linings (if you can pull it up from the bottom through the top zipper, then it is too loose) will wear quickly, and since linings are expensive to replace, your cheap overnight bag purchase will not have been worthwhile. Look for ones with quality linings and plenty of pockets, both inside and outside the bag. Examine the area where the zippers are sewn in to ensure that all of the stiches are even. Also, make sure that the outside fabric is strong enough to deal with the wear and tear of regular use.

Cute Overnight Bags


Cute Overnight Bag by Lesportsac

An overnight bag can be both practical and a fashion statement. The best thing about this is that you do not need an expensive designer overnight bag to make your statement — a strikingly different one with a cool pattern will do the trick just fine. These Cute Overnight Bags are available in a wide variety of interesting colors, wacky patterns, and attention-getting styles. After choosing your cute overnight bag, look for matching accessories. Nothing makes a statement quite like an overnight bag with a matching toiletry case, make up bag and laptop or iPad holder. You’ll be remembered as the person who coordinated everything — which also shows the world that you’re organized and in control. These cute overnight bags for women are more than something to look at!

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