Retro Bathing Suits


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Retro Bathing Suits

Women’s bathing suits have changed drastically since the early 1900′s. Retro Bathing Suits started out as an extremely modest skirted swimsuit that covered most of the body and have evolved into their current slightly more revealing form. Some of the details that originated in vintage bathing suits that have become trendy these days include higher waist bottoms, quirky patterns like checks, polka dots and stripes, and ruffled edges and fringe. Most retro bathing suits are in simple colors, including green, black, red and blue, that pay homage to their vintage predecessors.

The main thing that has changed between the retro bathing suits of the early 20th century and the newly retro styled ones of today, is the fabric. Early bathing suits were made from either canvas, cotton or linen –  none of which are particularly useful when wet. Modern day bathing suits, even the retro styled ones, are made from water friendly fabrics like nylon and neoprene.

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Retro One Piece Bathing Suits


Kenneth Cole Retro One Piece Bathing Suit

Retro One Piece Bathing Suits are available in several different styles. There is the maillot, which is a one piece that has ruching on the sides, front or back (sometimes all three) for effect, and a halter style top with straps that wrap behind the neck. Another one piece bathing suit that fits in the retro style is a strapless bathing suit that is accented with decorative ruffles. These ruffles can either be in the same color as the body of the suit, or in a different, contrasting shade altogether. Others may come with a skirt attached in order to reflect the modesty of the original styles.

The main thing that sets a retro one piece bathing suit apart from its contemporary counterparts is the basic styling. While it still hugs the body, making is completely different than the original retro suits, it is considerably less revealing. You will not find unusually placed cut outs, a low cut front or a backless retro suit. Some even have skirts that are built in to the suit in order to cover the top of the hips.

Retro Two Piece Bathing Suits


American Apparel Retro Two Piece Bathing Suit

Retro Two Piece Bathing Suits come in two different styles. One is called a tankini. A tankini is similar to a bikini in that is consists of two pieces: a top and a bottom. The different comes in the design of the top. Unlike a revealing bikini top, a tankini has a tank-top like upper half that covers everything from the top of the breasts down to below the belly button. The bottoms are less skimpy than your typical bikini, making this type of suit a great choice for women who like a little extra coverage. The other retro style is a high waisted bikini. These bathing suits have a standard bikini top, and a bottom that comes up over (or slightly under) the belly button, invoking the original retro styles of the 1960s and 70s. Both type of two piece suits can camouflage the stomach area, and curvy women can benefit from the additional coverage of the high waisted bikini.

Similar to the retro one piece suits, the two piece ones come embellished with ruffles, or in retro patterns like stripes, polka dots or checks.

Cheap Retro Bathing Suits


Black and White Patterned Tankini Style Cheap Retro Bathing Suit

Retro bathing suits do not need to be expensive. You can find plenty of Cheap Retro Bathing Suits to choose from in brick and mortar stores and on the internet. When buying a cheap retro bathing suit, make to check the fabric well. Hold one side in each hand and pull gently to make sure that the fabric stretches. If it does not have any give, it may not fit you correctly. A bathing suit that does not hug the body may float up inconveniently when you are in the water, and the last thing that you want to do is flash your fellow swimmers. Also check the seams to ensure that it will hold up over several wears and subsequent washes. You do not want a cheap bathing suit that will fall apart after the first time that you wear it.

Plus Size Retro Bathing Suits


Plus Size Retro Bathing Suit by Resorts Plus

Plus size women can benefit greatly from the additional coverage provided by a retro style bathing suit. Plus Size Retro Bathing Suits often come with slimming panels built into the stomach area, and one with a  skirt is an excellent way to camouflage a larger rear end or bigger thighs. Look for a suit with enough upper support, and a long enough skirt to provide plenty of  coverage. Those with ruching on the front can camouflage your stomach area, and plus size retro bathing suits with differently colored side panels will make your waist look smaller.

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