Skinny Jeans For Women


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Skinny Jeans For Women

Skinny Jeans For Women are made from fabric that contains a blend of cotton denim, Lycra and spandex. Each pair of skinny jeans is designed with legs that become slimmer as they go down towards the ankle, hugging the leg tightly. The stretch that is engineered into the fabric is there to make it easier to walk in them, and will allow your legs a free range of motion. There are two particular styles of skinny jeans to take note of: regular, which are plenty snug on their own, and jeggings, which contain additional Lycra for added stretch, and are made from a lighter weight denim. Jeggings should fit you even tighter than regular skinny jeans, and should appear to be a second skin. Bestselling Skinny Jeans



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Although skinny jeans come in a wide range of sizes, from juniors on up through plus sizes, they should, unfortunately, only be worn by women who are on the smaller and younger side. This is due to the fact that they hug the body so tightly. Skinny jeans will make larger women, especially those with bigger hips and thighs, appear to have tiny peg legs, and will be completely unflattering. Petite women can pull of wearing skinny jeans, and the best part is that if the hem is too long, the jeans will naturally “scrunch” around the ankles. This is perfectly acceptable, and even flattering.

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These jeans come in a large range of colors, including pink, red, white, green, orange, purple, and, of course, various shades of blue. If you are under the age of 30, then go crazy and choose one of these unusual colors to design your outfit around. However, those over the age of 30 should steer clear of brightly colored skinny jeans and stick to those in traditional shades of blue, black and white.

Skinny jeans should be worn with a loose fitting top in order to keep the proportions under control. A nice tunic, tank or loose t-shirt will look great, as will a slightly baggy cardigan or crew neck cashmere sweater. As far as shoes are concerned, stick with either flats, heels or oxfords. Sneakers will detract from the look that you are going for, and will make your skinny jeans look far too casual. A good outfit, for example, consists of a thigh-length tunic, skinny jeans and a pair of open toed pumps.
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