Strapless Bathing Suits


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Strapless Bathing Suits

 Strapless Bathing Suits are just that: strapless. They are made from water friendly fabrics like nylon and neoprene, just like regular bathing suits, but consist of a top that does not use any shoulder or halter style straps for support. A strapless bathing suit is great if you want to minimize tan lines, or, in the case of a strapless bikini, feel like showing a little skin.

The strapless bathing suit was first introduced in the 1940s, when women wanted something a little more risque that the traditional bathing suits worn at the time. These suits were far from skimpy, however, and only showed a little of the midriff. The strapless style then fell out of favor until the 1980s, when the bandeau bikini trend became popular. The style has stuck around since then, and is still very trendy today, especially since it has morphed into different styles, thus ensuring that there is a strapless bathing suit available to flatter every figure.

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Pool Party Strapless Swim Dress


Lotus Strapless Bikini


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Strapless One Piece Bathing Suits


Serenity Strapless One Piece Bathing Suit

Strapless One Piece Bathing Suits usually consist of a tank style suit that simply does not have straps that go over the shoulders or around the neck, but this style also includes the swim dress. A swim dress is a strapless one piece bathing suit that has a skirted bottom, and a looser fit than a tank style bathing suit. A strapless tank style bathing suit needs to have enough support around the bust line, and often contains a hidden, built-in nylon bra. It could also have slimming panels built around the sides and front of the suit, in order to help you minimize any unsightly lumps and bumps. Because of this, a strapless one piece bathing suit is universally flattering.

Strapless Bikini Bathing Suits



Tribal Girl Strapless Bikini

Strapless Bikini Bathing Suits personify skimpy. The lack of straps on the top section of the suit means that you will have fewer tan lines and show more skin than you would with a traditional bikini. This style of strapless bathing suit is also known as a bandeau, which is French for band or strip, and refers to the band of cloth that wraps around the body and makes up the top of the suit. When looking for a strapless bikini bathing suit, pay careful attention to the amount of support that the upper half gives to the bust line. Those with hidden underwires or other methods of support are best if you have larger breasts. Without this, you will not have enough support and may sag. You also need to make sure that the top of the suit isn’t too loose. If it does not fit snugly, your top may come off while you are in the water, or might fall down while you are chasing a beach volleyball. As far as the bottom of the suit is concerned, choose one that provides as much coverage as you are comfortable with.

Cheap Strapless Bathing Suits



Black and White Strapless Bikini

Cheap Strapless Bathing Suits can be hard to find. Many two piece bathing suits have the top and bottom halves sold separately, which is incredibly helpful if you need a different size for each piece. However, this tends to double the price, and you may end up paying $40 for each part of the suit. With that said, there are many inexpensive options available, especially if you are lucky enough to be the same size on the top and bottom and can get away with purchasing a bikini set. These sets can be found for around $40 or less, which means that you getting one entire bikini for the price of just half of another brand or style. Strapless tank suits are available at inexpensive prices.

Plus Size Strapless Bathing Suits


Purple Plus Size Strapless One Piece Bathing Suit

Most Plus Size Strapless Bathing Suits consist of one piece. A one piece strapless plus size bathing suit will either be a tank-style, with or without an included skirt, or a loose swim dress. The swim dress is similar to a retro bathing suit, with two exceptions: the overall contemporary style, which leaves it fitting closer to the body, and the choices of color and fabric. Prints that show up under the retro trend, like polka dots and stripes, are eschewed for beachy, modern prints and very bright colors. When choosing a plus size strapless bathing suit, choose one that you feel comfortable in. If you do not want to show off your body as much, then a swim dress or skirted suit will provide plenty of coverage. You also want to look for a top section that has a hidden underwire in order to have enough bust support. Built in tummy slimming panels are also a popular addition to these strapless bathing suits.

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