Sundresses For Women


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Sundresses For Women

Rather than throwing on a tank top and shorts on a hot sunny summer day, why not go for something a little lighter in weight, something breezy, yet casual — like a sundress. Sundresses For Women are lightweight dresses made of fabrics like cotton, jersey and poly-cotton blends. Often, they have one single zipper on the back or a simple set of buttons to make it easier to get in and out of the dress, but some are designed to be pulled on over the head.

Sundresses for women were popularized in the 1960s by Lilly Pulitzer. Her simple pull-on design consisted of two straps and an a-line skirted dress in bright colors and tropical prints. Many designers were inspired by her creation, dubbed “The Lilly” and similar styles are still being created today. However, you are not limited to this style of sundress, and there are many others available in differing shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. The trick to wearing a sundress is to keep your accessories simple. After all, you don’t want to be bogged down by heavy jewelry and handbags on a hot summer day!

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White Sundresses For Women


White Sundress by 1 World Sarongs

White Sundresses For Women are a very popular choice. Not only will the color white reflect sunlight, preventing you from becoming too hot while out in the sun, but it is easy to match. If you want to wear your white sundress out to a nice restaurant, top it with a jewel toned or pastel colored cardigan. Any color will do, since white pairs nicely with them all. Wear the sundress and cardigan with a pair of sandals that either matches or complements the sweater or the sundress. If you’re wearing a white sundress and an emerald green cardigan, the last thing that you want to put on are black sandals. Instead, wear white, green or metallic (think gold, silver, pewter or copper) colored sandals. These will go well with the overall look. Make sure to keep your jewelry simple, and, if you wish, top the look off with a scarf draped casually around your neck.

White sundresses can also be worn as wedding dresses. Rather than choosing a heavy tulle, satin, silk or velvet dress for an indoor summer wedding, go with a long white sundress instead. Make sure that the dress isn’t see through, since you don’t want to give your guests a show. If you’re getting married outdoors, you can go with a shorter white sundress instead. This works very well for a beach wedding.

Long Sundresses For Women


Long Sundresses For Women Comfortable Jersey Dress

Long Sundresses For Women come in many different styles. Some make great bathing suit cover ups, since they slip over the head and are easy to wear. When choosing a long sundress to use for this purpose, look for one made of an absorbent cotton or terry cloth. These will be more comfortable to put on over a bikini or tank suit, especially when your skin is still wet from your dip in the pool, ocean or lake. Wear your long sundress/bathing suit cover up with flip flops, a sturdy beach tote, polarized sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

On the other hand, long sundresses are great for wearing around town and running errands. A long, patterned cotton sundress can be worn with flat sandals or sock-less sneakers (think Converse All Stars or Keds) for comfort. Pair the long sundress with a useful handbag, a pair of sunglasses, and a long pendant necklace or two. You can even throw a scarf around your neck to complete this hippie chic look.


Plus Size Sundresses


Plus Size Sundresses JR Flower Pattern Dress

Sundresses come in all shapes and sizes, so if you wear a plus size, don’t despair. Plus Size Sundresses should be bought in darker colors or smaller patterns. While you may think that, as a larger woman, you can pull off a larger pattern, you will not be able to. Avoid stripes, both horizontal and vertical, entirely, and look for dresses with an empire waist or flowy skirt. Also, try to find a plus size sundress that either comes with a belt around the waist, or is designed with a “faux belt” a strip of fabric that goes around in the waist in a different color than the rest of the sundress. This will help camouflage any heaviness. Style your plus size sundress with a pair of sandals, a lightweight, summery handbag, and some small jewelry.







Hawaiian Sundresses


Hawaiian Sundresses Alki'i Missy Print Dress

Hawaiian Sundresses are very popular. Their style is based on Lilly Pulitzer’s inaugural design, and echo her choice of colors and patterns. They are available in both short and long lengths, and the intensity of the pattern varies, but all are tropical inspired. When choosing a Hawaiian sundress, go with one that isn’t overpowering. If you are on the short side, a long dress will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. Petite women should stick with smaller patterns as well. Taller women can get away with wearing longer Hawaiian sundresses, and can pull off a larger, more colorful pattern. When wearing a Hawaiian sundress, no matter the length and color, keep your accessories and shoes as neutral as possible. If you wear a bright pair of shoes, a different colored scarf, and a handbag in yet another color, on top of a brightly colored Hawaiian sundress you will look like a tropical bird. And that isn’t a look that anyone should emulate. Take caution when accessorizing Hawaiian sundresses for women.




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