Sweat Suits For Women


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Sweat Suits For Women

Sweat Suits For Women consist of two pieces of clothing: a top, and a pair of pants. The tops are available in several different styles, including those with hoods, some that include a zippered closure that runs up the front, and others that pull over the head. Some styles also have pockets, which can be far to the right and left and easily accessible by the hands, or in the front. The ones with front pockets tend to have one large pocket with two openings: one on either side. The pants that come with sweat suits for women can have drawstring waists that must be pulled closed, or simple elastic bands. Some styles may have similar elastic bands around the ankles, or they may fall loose to the tops of the shoes.

No matter which style of sweat suit that you choose, you will find that it can be worn for much more than exercising. Although this is the main purpose of a sweat suit, it can also become comfortable lounge wear, or worn while running errands.

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Velour Sweat Suits



Purple Hooded Velour Sweat Suit

Velour Sweat Suits are made from a knitted fabric, called velour. This fabric is made from either cotton or a poly-cotton blend (or, in some cases, just polyester by itself) and is often stretchy. This means that the sweat suit will have some give and be more comfortable than a simple standard cotton one. You will be able to tell the difference between a velour sweat suit and standard one simply by touching the fabric. A velour one will feel plush, like a sheared down and very soft stuffed animal. If you rub your hand against the sweat suit, the color will darken temporarily. Standard cotton or microfiber sweat suits do not do this.

A velour sweat suit is a fashionable alternative to a regular sweat suit, and is usually worn as lounge wear, rather than work out gear. Wear your velour sweat suit with a chic pair of colorful sneakers or trendy flip flops. This is not something that you can wear formal shoes, leather sandals, or even boots with, as they will look out of place. Sweat suits are definitely comfortable and casual garments.

Designer Sweat Suits For Women


Juicy Couture Designer Sweat Suit

The sweat suit trend really took off thanks to Designer Sweat Suits For Women. Suddenly, thanks to expensive sweat suits by brands like Juicy Couture, Christian Audigier and others that have been donned by Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, Brittany Spears and Megan Fox. Once they were photographed wearing sweat suits around town, the rest of America followed suit.

Juicy Couture was the first brand that became truly popular nationwide. Their classic sweat suits, all of which are made from velour consist of a hoodie that zips up the front and a pair of pants with a drawstring closure. The pants have “open” bottoms — not elastic bands — and come in a wide array of colors. This style of sweat suit, also known as a track suit, became popular over ten years ago, and remains popular today.

Cheap Sweat Suits


Cheap Sweat Suit

If you need sweat suits to lounge around the house in, why not look for Cheap Sweat Suits? After all, you can find sweat suits in all of the popular styles and colors, for around half of the price. And if you do not plan on wearing your sweat suit out of the house or gym, then no one will know that you do not have one that is the hottest brand around. It will be just as functional, which, since it is a “sweat suit,” means that you can sweat in it without fear of ruining the fabric.

When looking for a cheap sweat suit, make sure that is made from cotton, polyester, microfiber or a blend of all of these. This means that it will be sturdy enough to withstand use and many rounds in the washing machine and dryer. Check the seams to ensure that they are strong enough to last you. The last thing that you want is a pair that will split down the center while you are on the treadmill or exercise bike!

Plus Size Sweat Suits For Women



Roamans Flower Accented Plus Size Sweat Suit

Plus Size Sweat Suits For Women are available in many different colors and styles. While you may want to wear one that is as colorful as possible, choosing a dark color is recommended. These dark colored sweat suits are more flattering, as well as slimming. Since you will need to be comfortable while wearing the suit, do not purchase one that is too snug. Stick with sweat suits that skim the body, but are not too oversized. These are the sweat suits for women that will be a versatile part of your wardrobe.

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