Swim Shorts For Women


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Swim Shorts For Women

Swim Shorts For Women were originally designed for female surfers. They allow for comfort and ease of motion, while covering up areas that are prone to skinning on rough surfaces — like those of waxed surfboards, for example. The wax on surfboards can also rip out hairs that come into contact with it, which is why many traditional styles of swim shorts are mid-thigh or longer.  Because of the functionality and coverage of swim shorts, they’ve become popular with non-surfers, and are often worn both in and out of the water.

Although you can wear loose-fitting nylon or polyester ladies swim shorts over your regular bathing suit as a convenient cover up, they can also be worn as the bottom half of your swimsuit by themselves. When wearing them as part of your bathing suit, look for those made from traditional bathing suit materials, like stretchy waterproof nylon. These types of swim shorts can also be cut short, similar to a traditional bathing suit bottom, which are designed to hug the curves of your body without any bagginess. This is essential when swimming, since a baggy-fitting bottom may inhibit your movement and prevent you from swimming efficiently. They may also slip off while you move, causing an unpleasant experience.


O'Neill Equinox Women's Swim Shorts

Women’s Swim Shorts can also be worn off of the beach or away from the pool. The baggier, nylon board short version can be worn as regular street wear, paired with a tank top and sandals. When choosing a pair to wear in this way, pick a longer, loose fitting style. You can go as short as you dare, but will most likely be more comfortable in a pair that hits at mid-thigh or longer. Because these shorts are made of nylon and often consist of a single layer of the fabric, they are great for wearing on extremely hot days when the humidity is high. Due to the casualness of this outfit, wear very simple jewelry, if any at all, and make sure that your handbag is summery in style. Heavy, clunky leather bags and shoes will just look awkward next to these swim shorts for women.


Snag-Free Board Shorts For Women

Another way to wear nylon Board Shorts For Women are with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Yes. These board shorts are not only useful while surfing, but they make great work out gear as well. Cheerleaders can fit a shorter pair underneath their cheerleading uniform skirt, in order to prevent embarrassing panty shots while flipping and jumping, and women everywhere can wear them while exercising. The light weight and loose fit of these swim shorts for women make them great to wear when jogging, power walking, bicycling, hitting the treadmill and lifting weights at the gym.


Speedo Cover Up Swim Shorts

Swim shorts also make excellent swim suit cover ups, since they are easily slipped on and cover up all of the bumps, bulges and unsightly areas that you are uncomfortable showing off to the world while you are out of the water. These Cover Up Swim Shorts can be bought in colors that correspond with your bathing suit, or can not match it entirely. The choice is yours. The best thing about using swim shorts as a cover up is the fact that they do not need to be removed if you decide to go back into the water. This is especially useful if you sun burn easily and need more coverage, or if you have small children that need to be watched closely while at the beach — leaving you to have to run to the water at a moment’s notice, if something should happen.


Miraclesuit Plus Size Swim Shorts For Women

Women’s swim shorts are available in many different sizes, from juniors on up through plus sizes, this ensuring that you can find a pair in your size no matter what. Plus Size Swim Shorts For Women are usually on the loose fitting side, but there are snug ones, designed to be worn while swimming, available. One of the more popular brands of plus size swim shorts is Miraclesuit. This brand also makes bathing suits with built in “slimming” panels and components, making you look slimmer while on the beach, at the pool, and in the water. The swim shorts by this brand follow suit and are designed with an extra “underpanty” in order to hold you and make you look slimmer.


Hurley Swim Shorts

One other popular brand of swim shorts is Hurley. Hurley Swim Shorts are one of the original designs and styles that were first available on the market. The company was founded in Huntington Beach, California, home of many surfers. The swim shorts were initally designed to give sufers of all shapes, sizes, and genders the proper coverage while out on a surfboard, and Hurley was one of the first American designes of this type of swimwear. These days, Hurley brand swim shorts for women are worn by non surfers, and are known for having both basic and trendy styles.


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