Tunic Tops For Women


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Tunic Tops For Women

Tunic tops for women have been around for centuries. First invented by the ancient Greeks, who used color-coded tunic tops as a method of telling citizens of the various city-states apart, these cotton, linen or silk tops are still a popular clothing item these days, and can be found in a variety of colors and styles.

From the days of the ancient Greek and Roman peoples, up through the early twentieth century, tunics were worn by both men and women. That trend has died down slightly, and the garment is now primarily worn by women. A tunic is generally defined as a loose-fitting top that stretches from the top of the shoulders down to mid-thigh length or longer. Tunics for women can be sleeveless, similar to a tank top, or have short sleeves that fall between the shoulder and the elbow. They can also have three-quarter length sleeves (those that end between the elbow and the wrist) or full, wrist-length sleeves.

Most Popular Women’s Tunic Tops on Amazon:

Tunic Tops For Women-bebe Asymmetric Stripe Lurex Tunic

bebe Asymmetric Stripe Lurex Tunic

Tunic Tops For Women - Copacabana Long Sleeve Embroidered Beach Tunic

Copacabana Beach Tunic


Dark Grey Girls Tunic Tank Top

Besides the many different sleeve lengths, tunic tops for women can be made out of many different fabrics and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Due to the amazing variety of tunic tops on the market, there are a number of different ways in which they can be worn, from one extreme to another, or as a simple, basic part of a woman’s wardrobe. A tunic can be worn as part of a costume, for example, at Halloween or to a Renaissance Fair, or at the other end of the spectrum, a long tunic can be worn to the office with a chic blazer on top. The popularity and longevity of the tunic lies in these many different options.

Cotton Tunic Tops For Women

Cotton Tunic Tops For Women

Cotton Tunic Tops - Long Ribbed

The most popular choice of fabric for a tunic is cotton. This is because cotton is not only inexpensive, but durable as well. Cotton tunic tops for women can hold up to normal everyday wear and tear, and are usually machine wash and dryable. Cotton tunics are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can be worn with everything from leggings to shorts, depending on the length.

Sleeveless cotton tunic tops can be great substitutes for basic tank tops. These tunics might look similar to tanks, but when held up side by side, the difference in fit and style will be apparent. The tunic generally has a looser fit, which makes the garment more comfortable, especially on scorchingly hot summer days, and may have embellishments around the bottom hem or around the collar or arm holes. A tunic that reaches high to mid-thigh length can be worn with shorts, just as long as the hem of your top is no longer than two to three inches above the hem of your shorts. Otherwise, it may look as if you aren’t wearing any shorts at all. Accessorize this comfortable summer look with slip on sneakers worn without socks, or sandals.

Cheap Tunic Tops For Women

Cheap Tunic Tops For Women

Cheap Tunic Tops

While some tunic tops can be expensive, based on the fabric that they are made out of and the embellishments on the outside of the tunic, cheap tunic tops for women are available on the market. When looking for an inexpensive tunic top, make sure to pay attention to the fabric that it is made out of. Some cheap fabrics may stretch unflatteringly, or fade when washed. In these cases, the cheap price will not matter when you have to purchase a new, replacement tunic.

Look for cheap tunic tops made of a poly-cotton blend or a simple cotton. These will be inexpensive, but will wear well, making your purchase worthwhile. A longer-style cheap tunic can make a great bathing suit cover-up. Wear it over your bikini or tank suit to the beach with your flip flops and sunscreen. Because of the price of the tunic, you won’t feel bad about getting it wet or full of sand.

Long Tunic Tops For Women

Long Tunic Tops For Women

Long Tunic Tops

Long tunic tops for women are a quick and easy way to get dressed comfortably and in a hurry, and are generally worn in the spring and summer months with leggings or skinny jeans. These long tunics can be accessorized with everything from flat sandals to spiky heels or cork-bottom wedges, but are best when kept casual. For example, look through photos of the many women in Los Angeles wearing long tunics that are paired with leggings, flat sandals, a flowy scarf and a chic handbag. This is one of the most casual and comfortable tunic looks available, and one that is easily imitated.

Tunics that are longer than mid-thigh can be worn without leggings. In these cases, a long tunic makes an excellent work dress when paired with a blazer or jacket and some conservative heels. Make sure to wear a minimum amount of jewelry, for example, a pendant necklace, watch and some earrings, to keep the look work-appropriate.

The one thing that you shouldn’t wear with a long tunic top are bulky pants. Jeans — unless they are skinny jeans — or loose-fitting khakis will not balance well with the proportions of a long tunic, and you will end up looking heavier than you are.

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