V Neck Dresses


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V Neck Dresses

V Neck Dresses can be worn for every occasion, depending on the style, fabric and overall look of the dress. Some v neck dresses are more work appropriate, and are cut conservatively. Others are more low cut and are meant to worn for special events, for example, high school proms, wedding receptions, and other formal occasions.

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Deep V Neck Dresses


Floral Print Satin Deep V Neck Dress

When wearing Deep V Neck Dresses, make sure to keep the rest of your look demure. Since the deep v of the dress can stretch as far down as you dare it to go, you will want to find a dress with a knee length or full length skirt. Wear a deep v neck dress with a comfortable, yet appropriate pair of heels. If you can wear stilletos or platform heels, go for it! When it comes to jewelry, a long necklace that fits within the deep v will be the most flattering. A choker style necklace works well with this style as well, and you can even wear one necklace of each length in order to call attention to your neckline. Do not be afraid to pile on the sparkly jewels!

One thing that you do not want to wear with a deep v neck dress is a pair of knee or thigh length boots. These will not flatter the look at all, and will make you look like a lady of the night. If you do want to wear boots, and feel that your dress calls for them, choose a pair of short ankle length booties. However, keep in mind that they will “cut off” your legs at the ankle, and will make you look shorter.

Long Sleeve V Neck Dresses



Cashmere Knit Long Sleeve V Neck Dress

Long Sleeve V Neck Dresses can be worn both on special ocassions and to the office, depending wholly on the style of the dress and whether or not your office adheres to a professional or semi professional dress code. In order for a long sleeve v neck dress to be considered office appropriate, it must have a mid-thigh to knee length skirt and the neckline must be conservative and not overly plunging. If your dress is too revealing, you should not wear it to work. It also should be plain colored — a nice neutral like black, gray or brown will look best, and it should not have beaded, ruffled or sparkly embellishments on it. Look for simple cotton, wool and polyester blend fabrics.

When choosing a long sleeve v neck dress to wear to a wedding reception, baptism, formal dance or other special ocassion, choose one that is made out of a dressier fabric. Something like silk, satin, sateen or chiffon will be more along the lines of a dance or party. The best thing about these long sleeve v neck dresses is the fact that they hide your arms. This is a major trouble spot for women, especially those over the age of 40.

Formal V Neck Dresses


Formal V Neck Dress By Ever Pretty

Formal V Neck Dresses are those that are made from silk, chiffon, satin or lace. They can be worn as bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and everything in between. When choosing a formal v neck dress, consider the event that you are planning on wearing it to. Some call for floor length v neck gowns, while you can get away with a short length one at others.

A formal v neck dress will have more embellishments on it than one that is more work appropriate. Many will have trims made of lace, feathers around the bottom hems or beading that covers the entire dress. Choose accessories that work well with the dress, for example, a clutch that matches your shoes, a cute necklace or two, and several bangle bracelets. If you feel like you can pull it off, a halter style v neck dress is also appropriate for most formal ocassions. If you plan on being in a church or other extremely formal environment, do not wear a dress with a low v neck. Instead, wear one that is more conservative.

Plus Size V Neck Dresses


Just For Wraps Plus Size V Neck Dress

Plus Size V Neck Dresses are available in many different colors and fabrics. Whether you are shopping online, in a plus size specialty store or in a department store section that caters to plus size women, you will most likely find plenty of v neck dresses to choose from. In order to keep the look flattering, choose a v neck dress with an a-line skirt and a built in ribbon or belt at the waist. An empire style v neck dress will work for many different ocassions, and will make it look as though you have an hourglass figure. The belt or ribbon at the waist will also add to this illusion.

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