White Jeans For Women


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White Jeans For Women

White Jeans For Women are a very summery addition to your wardrobe. Although you can break the “no white after Labor Day” rule now and then, that does not work for white jeans. They simply will not transition well to autumn and winter, mostly due to the fact that they are designed to be worn with other warm weather clothing and accessories.

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White jeans come in many different styles, with the most popular being skinny, cropped and boyfriend style jeans. Skinny jeans are made from a mix of Lycra, spandex and denim, which makes them very stretchy. They are designed to cling tightly to the leg. Boyfriend jeans are the exact opposite of this, and tend to be either slightly or very baggy and over sized. Cropped jeans can fall into either of these two categories, the only difference being the fact that their bottom hemline falls between the ankle and knee. Cropped jeans should never be worn by short women, since they make you look even shorter due to the fact that they appear to “cut off” your legs.

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Although white jeans are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, there are a limited number of items that can be worn with them. Just because they are white, which technically matched everything, this does not mean that you can wear any color that you choose. They look best when worn with pastel, true or jewel colored tops. You should stay away from neutrals like black, brown or gray. They simply will not flatter your white jeans, and will make you look like one big neutral colored mess. You also should not wear clunky boots or heavy shoes with them, since your white jeans are a very summery item, and will pair best with summery shoes like  flat or heeled sandals, cork soled wedges or flip flops.

When wearing white jeans of any style, keep your tops and other accessories (except for your shoes) bright. A warm jewel tone, like purple, gold or green, as well as a “true” colored tunic style top (think true red or true blue), will look best. You can also pair your white jeans with pastels, but be careful so as not to appear washed out. Too many light colors may make you look as though you want to disappear, so be careful of what you pair with your white jeans.
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