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Wigs For Women

Wigs For Women have been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used to shave their heads, then cover them with wigs when out in the sun. They used a mixture of resin and tar to hold them on to their heads. Thankfully, you don’t have to follow this method today, and can adhere the wig to your head with special pins or clips, or by fitted rubberized caps that are located on the scalp side of the wig that can be molded specifically for your head. Although in ancient times up through the 19th Century, wigs were worn primarily by men, they are now popularly worn by women.

Wigs for women are a highly versatile fashion accessory. With a wig, you can change your hair color any time that you choose. If you want to be blonde one day, then a red head the next, simply wear a different wig. This method is much easier on hair than dyeing it every time you feel like making a change. Wigs can also be used to cover up thinning hair, will turn a bad hair day into a good one, and can fulfill your every hair color whim — while still maintaining your professional appearance.

Popular Wigs For Women on Amazon


Nocturnal Synthetic

Wigs-For-Women-Cool2day Cute Brown Long Straight Wig

Cool2day Cute Brown Long Straight Wig


Always Sexy

Wigs For Black Women


Wigs for Black Women - Freetress

African-American women have hair that is course, dry and naturally curly — and therefore, hard to style. It also will not grow out to be long, straight and silky, all of which are desired hair trends. Instead of spending hours styling your hair every morning, wear a wig instead. Wigs For Black Women are designed to mimic the natural look of African-American hair, only better. There are many styles of wigs for black women available for sale. You can choose everything from a seventies-style Afro wig to a beautifully curled natural hair style or a long, straight look. Black women can also pull of funky hair colors without looking like they are coming straight from a costume party. For inspiration, check out the many wigs that single Rihanna has worn over the past few years.

Wigs For White Women


Wigs For White Women Edge Savvy Wig

Wigs For White Women are designed slightly different than wigs for black women. For one thing, the hair color options are different. These wigs are meant to fill in for real human hair, so they come in many shades, ranging from dark brown to the lightest blond. They also come in many different styles, which means that you can “test drive” a shorter or longer hair style by tucking your real hair into a bald cap or mesh holder, and then place the wig over the top. If you decide your new style isn’t for you, then you won’t have to go back to the hair salon or wait for your hair to grow back.

Human Hair Wigs


Human Hair Wigs Cosplay

Human Hair Wigs are the highest quality Wigs For Women that you can purchase. They are made from actual, real human hair, cut from the heads of women who have all-natural hair that has not been treated or exposed to chemicals. Because of this strict requirement, many of the locks that make up these wigs comes from women in India and Thailand, but it can also come from China and Europe . There are also non-profit organizations, like Locks of Love in the United States, who collect hair from people who have cut more than twelve inches of it from their heads. This hair is then used to make wigs for child cancer patients.

Because human hair wigs are, obviously, made from human hair, they can be dyed, styled and treated with hairspray and mousse. If you do not like the style that your human hair wig came with, it can be easily changed. These wigs can also be worn in the water, and are very sturdy.

Lace Front Wigs


Lace Front Wig - Sensational

Lace Front Wigs are designed to look extremely natural. These Wigs For Women consist of either natural or synthetic hair that has been secured to a flesh-colored mesh cap. The color of the mesh will blend in with the skin on your forehead, leaving no trace. Because of this, no one will know that you have a lace front wig on, unless you pull it off in front of them. If you want to look as though you are not wearing a wig at all, this is the kind to choose.


Halloween Wigs


Halloween Wigs Orange Glamour Wig

Halloween Wigs are available to compliment and complete your Halloween costume. These wigs are often made in a wide variety of colors and styles, from the “natural” long, dark hair that goes well with a Morticia Adams costume, to the funky short blue-white haired wig that completes an Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games costume.  Because Halloween costume wigs are meant to be worn only once or twice, along with your costume, many of them look obviously fake. This is in contrast to the real hair look of even synthetic wigs that are meant to be worn every day. This does not mean that you have to throw out your Halloween wig every year — with the proper care, it can last for several years — but, it will not look real and obviously meant to be part of a costume. Also, due to its heavy duty synthetic fibers, you can wear  Halloween Wigs For Women without worrying about damaging it at a raucous Halloween party!

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