Women’s Combat Boots


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Women’s Combat Boots

Women’s Combat Boots are based off the design of men’s combat boots, although they have been greatly feminized through both the overall style and the colors and fabrics that they are made out of. High heels, feminine colors (such as floral prints) and smaller silhouettes all make women’s combat boots different from men’s. Some of the characteristics that make men’s combat boots so useful for active duty soldiers, like ankle support, overall foot and ankle protection and the ability to grip tricky surfaces are built into women’s combat boots as well, so do not let their bright colors and feminine profiles fool you: these boots are useful for more than just making a fashion statement.


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Martin 07 Blue Shiny Combat Boots


Fur Lined High Heeled Combat Boots

Dr. Martens Women's Triumph 1914 Boot

Dr. Martens Women's Triumph 1914 Boot

Black Combat Boots



Aldo Ridlen Black Combat Boots

Black Combat Boots are the most traditional style, and when most people hear the words, “combat boots,” this is what they think of. Black combat boots are popular with many different groups of people, and personify goth, punk and industrial clothing. Many metal and grunge bands have worn them on stage as well. However, black combat boots can become feminine when worn with the right outfit. Back in the early 1990′s when grunge was in style, many women wore casual floral knee length or mid thigh length dresses with combat boots. Since fashion trends circulate, usually every 20 years or so, this style is quickly coming back into fashion. Another way to wear black combat boots is to pair them with boot cut or wide leg jeans a cute top. Wear the jeans so that they cover the top part of the boots.

Women’s Lace Up Combat Boots


Dr. Marten's Floral Needlepoint Lace Up Combat Boots

Combat boots can come with buttons, snaps and even zippers, but Women’s Lace Up Combat Boots are the most popular type. These boots lace up the front, although some, especially those that rise above the ankle, have hidden zippers on the sides as well. Lace up combat boots can be worn with everything from jeans to leggings, and can even be paired with denim shorts in order to take advantage of the bo-ho, or hippie chic look that was started at the Coachella music festival. One good outfit idea consists of a pair of cut-off denim shorts, a neutral colored baggy t-shirt and an unbuttoned fabric vest. Think Kate Moss or any other summer music festival attendee. When aiming for this cool, relaxed bo-ho look, wear a pair of lace up combat boots in an unusual color or pattern. A cool floral or checkerboard pattern, as well as a super bright color, like red or green, will work very well with this style of clothing.

Women’s Knee High Combat Boots


Midnight Black Knee Combat Boots by Volatile

For a more extreme look, choose a pair of Women’s Knee High Combat Boots. Although some knee high boots are sexy, knee high combat boots come across as tough. Because of this, you have two choices when it comes to putting together and outfit around your knee high combat boots: you can either make them more feminine, by choosing something contradictory to wear with them, or run with the tough theme and wear an outfit that enhances it. The aforementioned short casual floral dress goes very well with a pair of knee high combat boots, and will take away some of the toughness. On the other hand, if you want to wear something that makes you look as tough as your boots, a short black skirt or pair of tight leggings, as well as a patterned top works well. Picture the character Abby Sciuto from NCIS when putting together one of these gothic, punk tough looks.

Cheap Women’s Combat Boots



Beige Lace Up Cheap Combat Boots

Cheap Women’s Combat Boots can be found in many different online and brick and mortar stores, all at different price points. Although you may find some cheap combat boots that are made from leather, a vast majority of them will be made from a leather alternative, like PVC. This is especially true of those made from a shiny material. Do not think that just because your combat boots are not made from leather that they will not last. Some very high quality PVC boots are available, and you will find them to be both inexpensive and lost-lasting. In some cases, especially if you plan on wearing your boots everywhere, a cheap pair of women’s combat boots will last longer than an expensive leather pair. It all depends on the overall quality of the boots, so look for those with lining, padded insoles and a sewn on (not glued) outer sole.

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