Women’s Oxford Shoes


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Women’s Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes first originated in Scotland and Ireland, and were originally designed for men. These shoes, which feature a special type of eyelet for the laces that is called “closed lacing” are also known as Balmorals and Richelieus. Women’s Oxford Shoes, however, are similar to men’s, in that they are closed-toe shoes with a leather or rubber coated bottom, and an upper section made from leather or suede. They usually lace up the front (although some designers have gotten creative and have done away with the laces altogether) and they are built with a distinct and sometimes decorated toe cap.

Women’s oxford shoes differ from loafers in several ways. To begin with, loafers slip on, while, as previously stated, most oxfords have laces that must be tied. The decorated toe cap and higher front section where the tongue is located are different from the upper section of a loafer, which does not have any toe cap at all, and sits lower on the top of the foot. The main similarities lie in the materials that the shoes are made out of, as both are normally made from leather, suede, or a synthetic leather or suede-like material.

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Oxford Saddle Shoes


Bass Heeled Oxford Saddle Shoes

When you heard the word “oxford” the thing that most likely comes to mind are Oxford Saddle Shoes. These shoes are a right of passage for many children, most of whom owned a pair of these black and white oxfords at one time or another. They are commonly worn these days as a uniform requirement for children attending private or charter schools in many cities, however, with a few fine-tuned adjustments, oxford saddle shoes are a great addition to any woman’s outfit.

Some of the updates and changes that have been made to make oxford saddle shoes more mature include the addition of a heel, and a change in the color of the leather used to make the upper section of the shoe. Traditional black and white saddle shoes have the toe cap and side section in white, and the middle section and very back, up against the heel, in black,. In some versions, these two colors can be switched, or be changed altogether. It is not unusual to see a pair of pink and white or pink and red oxford saddle shoes.

Brown Oxford Shoes


Drew Keena Brown Oxford Shoes

Brown Oxford Shoes are a great alternative to black ones, and can be worn with many of the same skirt and pants suits, depending on the heel height. However, you should never wear brown oxford shoes with a black or gray suit, as they will not look right. Some of the more casual styles of brown oxfords, like the pair pictured here, can be worn with boyfriend or boot leg jeans and a comfortable sweater. This is a great outfit for fall! These women’s oxford shoes also pair well with khaki and corduroy pants.

Black Oxford Shoes


Skechers Black Lug-Soled Oxfords

Black Oxford Shoes come in two main styles: those designed for a formal or business casual work environment, and those designed for trekking through the woods. This latter style is a more comfortable version of hiking boots, and have a similar heavy duty rubber sole to prove it. These oxford shoes should be worn with  jeans, khakis or corduroy pants. The formal version of black oxford shoes, is a great alternative to flats, pumps or peep-toe heels, and work well with pants suits. If you have the type of job where you are constantly on your feet and cannot deal with the low comfort level of heeled shoes, then a pair of low or flat bottomed oxfords will work nicely. One caveat: oxfords without high heels (those that are less than an inch in height) should not be worn with a skirt suit, as they will clash. High heeled oxfords can be worn with both pants and skirt suits, and work well with casual outfits, like skinny jeans and a tunic or a pair of a leggings with an over sized top.

Cheap Oxford Shoes


Ollio Faux Suede Oxford Shoes

Since oxford shoes are made from leather and suede, they can be expensive. However, Cheap Oxford Shoes can be found, if you look in the right places. In order to get a pair of cheap oxford shoes that are both a good deal and long-lasting, check the construction of the shoes carefully. Poke your finger in thought the top of shoe and check to see how thick the bottom lining of the shoe is. Do the same with the sides of the interior. The thicker the lining, the more comfortable the shoes will be. This is one place where many manufacturers skimp in order to be able to sell the shoe for less. Also flip the shoes over and make sure that the sole is sewn onto the upper section of the shoe. Check the area where the top and sole meet for glue remnants. This is a sign that the sole is glued on, rather than sewn. If it is, then the shoes may fall apart quickly.

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